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We understand that going to the vet can be a stressful and scary experience for you and your pet. In order to make your trip to the vet pleasant, we work hard to help ensure your pet is as happy and fear-free as possible.

Did you know that the Cross Lanes Veterinary Hospital is Certified Cat Friendly?

Sectioned Waiting Room

Our waiting room has two sections (a dog area and a cat area) to help prevent cats and dogs from interacting. 


Feliway is a product that mimics feline facial pheromones in order to comfort cats in stressful situations.

Separate Wards

When your pet is hospitalized, they are kept in their own ward. Our hospital is equipped with four separate wards to house your pets. We have a large dog ward, a small dog ward, a cat ward, and an isolated ward for sick or contagious pets.

Calming Music

Music is played in the exam rooms to calm your pet.

Dimmer Lights

Our exam rooms are equipped with dimmer lights. Sometimes bright lights can be over-stimulating. By dimming the lights, we can help to sooth your pet.


Adaptil is a product that mimics a canine pheromone that comforts dogs in stressful situations.

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