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The Laboratory

The laboratory is where the diagnostics happen. It is equipped with many different machines as well as two microscopes. In our lab, we diagnose many ailments through samples of blood, urine, feces, ear smears, fine-needle aspirates, biopsies, and fluid cultures. On average, we process 75 samples a day. Our machines process most of these samples within our hospital so we can determine your pet's values same-day. For more more specialized or extensive testing, we ship samples to larger laboratories. From intestinal parasites to kidney failure, our laboratory helps us to determine what ails your pet.

The Procyte gives us 26 different blood parameters for a more complete picture of each patient's health.

The Centrifuge 
spins clotted blood down, providing serum needed for various tests. 

The Coag machine checks the ability of a patient to clot his/her blood.

The Catalyst runs 34 different tests, including preanesthetic and geriatric panels.

The Statspin Centrifuge is used to quickly spin down small samples of blood. It is also used for centrifuging urine sediments for microscopic analysis and microhematocrit tubes for determining your pet's packed cell volume.

The UA Analyzer tests many different values in your pet's urine, including their glucose and protein output.

The Snapshot and Snap Pro

are used to process specific blood and fecal tests. We use these machines daily to test for many diseases including Feline Leukemia, FIV, Heartworm Disease, Pancreatitis, Giardia, Parvo, and 3 common tickborn diseases.

The Sedivue analyzes urine sediments for red and white blood cell output, crystals, bacteria, and many other elements.

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