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Our registered technician, Amanda M., has been certified as a canine rehabilitation practitioner. She performs physical therapy on patients that have had major surgeries, trauma, or are afflicted by a disease that affects their mobility.




If patients have not been referred by one of our veterinarians, a consultation will be required to initiate physical therapy treatment. Amanda performs physical therapy sessions by appointment. She has many regular patients that attend biweekly sessions. See below to view some of our patients and the success they have seen with physical therapy.


Please call our office at 304-776-4501 to schedule an appointment or consultation.

If you have questions about physical therapy or how it can benefit your pet, please email Amanda M. directly.


King Laser.jpg
King face 1.jpg


King is a great dane who had bilateral TTA surgeries. These major knee surgeries aim to stabilize knees and reduce risk of progression of osteoarthritis. A TTA surgery is performed when a dog's cranial cruciate ligament ruptures due to cruciate disease. These dogs often present as lame, painful, and sometimes experience muscle loss on the affected leg. The recovery of such a procedure is extensive. Amanda M. aided King in his recovery by performing physical therapy. Physical therapy not only helps to reduce swelling and pain, but also helps to strengthen affected joints. 

King was treated with laser therapy, range of motion exercises, massages, cryo therapy, balance exercises (for core strengthening), and moist heat therapy. 


Hoss is afflicted with intervertebral disc disease. He received back surgery at MedVet and physical therapy at our facility. When he presented for his first physical therapy session, he had weak control of his rear legs. As of February 2022, he has improved function of his left rear leg and some progress on his right rear leg. He is still attending sessions in order to further improve mobility, balance, and proprioception.

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